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Posted 2015-12-23 by Will Hickson

We held a webinar last week to provide an interactive demonstration of how to get set up on in three easy steps. If you didn’t have a chance to attend the webinar, you can access the recording below (scroll down further to see the timestamps of each section if you want to cut to a specific topic).

By the way, those three easy steps are:

1) Sign up for a company account

2) Create your listing

3) Publish the listing

That’s it!

We had a healthy attendance for the webinar and some good questions. For your benefit, I’ve summarized the key things things that our audience wanted to know about:

  • is designed with the needs of sellers of data in mind, as well as buyers. So we don’t get in the way of things that our sellers tell us are important such as product delivery, control over distribution, who the data gets sold to.
  • it only takes two fields of data to make a listing publishable, and an extra three or four pieces of information to make it immediately buyable through Then, if you choose, you have an additional rich set of metadata fields to describe your data product which will improve the buyer’s ability to find and evaluate your offer.
  • there are various ways for you to provide options to customers to buy slices of your data
  • if buyers can’t find the data they want, they can create a data request on which you can browse – and soon you will be able to respond directly to it
  • you can upload examples of your data or data model (and buyers love being able to see that). You can load that in any multimedia format
  • transactions completed through are handled by an established third party payments processor


I’ve summarized the timestamps below so you can navigate to the pieces that are interesting to you:

1:07 Overview of dmi, summary of the key buyer and seller problems we are addressing, visual overview of where fits in the value chain

7:39 Data Seller Company sign up process

9:20 Creating a listing, including a run through of the descriptive metadata fields you can optionally complete

15:30 Publishing a listing – including the incremental steps to make a listing buyable, and a run through of the buyer’s view of your listing once it is posted


19:20 How does attract buyers to the site

20:25 Tools to allow buyers to purchase a subset of data

22:15 Buyer’s use of the ‘Request Data’ button

24:45 Minimum fields for a listing

25:20 Uploading multimedia samples

26:00 Using to enable price discovery

26:55 Payment processing

Link to video on Vimeo: How to use to generate new sales


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