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Five Interesting Lead Sources

Posted 2016-05-27 by Will Hickson

If you’re working on finding new and improves sources of lead information, here are five interesting options to consider. If these don’t meet your needs, just type ‘leads’ into the search bar and see what additional options come up for you.

Do you have interest in these segmentations? What other segmentations are you interested in? Let us know by commenting on the blog.


Our friends at BCD have a great set of data available for company officer data globally – though they’re flexible on packaging that data to meet your specific need.

Construction project leads

Need to get in front of the key decision makers at the right stage in the construction project lifecycle? Try out this data set to help you identify the projects that fit your criteria and identify the people to talk to.

Insurance clients

This source has lead generation products covering premium, discount and vintage leads. In addition homeowners data lists and ex-date leads for target P&C and term protection marketing options are available

Bankruptcy mailing lists

SKLD can get you customized consumer or business bankruptcy mailing lists based on filings in the county clerk and recorders office. These leads are prime candidates for building new relationships as they come out of the bankruptcy process and rebuild their network.

Federal and State Tax liens

Extract Data pride themselves on having the freshest data on newly filed liens, which makes all the difference in developing a new business relationship. The early bird catches the worm!

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