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Twenty Tips For A Better Data License

Posted 2018-08-24 by Will Hickson

Negotiating a data license for third party data is a tough process. You may not do it often and that lack of familiarity can make it a nerve-wracking process. Perhaps you feel the dice are loaded against you, dealing with a professional data vendor who has thought through all the nuances of the contract.

It’s true that these data license discussions are not easy, and are a minefield for buyers coming into the process with limited experience or expectations on what’s reasonable in a negotiation. There is so much more to it than price. As we built out our catalog of third party data providers and products, we spent time reviewing vendor data license agreements and we found twenty different data-related topics that contracts typically cover. In addition there are topics that as a buyer you would like the contract to cover, but where the vendor would prefer to be non-commital!

Knowledge is power. We took our findings from our review process and incorporated them into an e-book to help buyers understand what they should and should not expect in a data license. We grouped the twenty topics into seven categories. To make it even more helpful we also put in a few tips for you to consider that will help you get more value out of the vendor relationship.

You can download the e-book by clicking on the link below. Happy reading! Please send me your feedback, questions and comments and we can keep evolving it to make it an ongoing resource for our users.

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