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Real Estate Cap Rate Analysis: Update

This post is the first in our new series of monthly updates on appropriate capitalization rate ranges for commercial real estate. If you’d like more context on the data here, have a look at ‘What is a good cap rate?’. This also covers cap rates for the month of July. August Cap Rates As we move into August, the cap rates for several of the risk assets we are assessing have gone down. This table demonstrates these changes: The return on risk free and low risk investment is reduced slightly. The US Treasury yield is down by 0.09% and the investment grade bond yield is down by 0.14%. Meanwhile, the equity REIT is down by 0.21%, the greatest drop in yields. This decrease in return rate means less yield reward for the same level of risk compared to a month ago. Despite lower figures this month for bonds and other […]

What is a good cap rate?

Commercial real estate investments can provide handsome rewards, but one of the most important steps an investor can take is to ensure the purchase price is appropriate for the opportunity. Valuation levels are high today, as they are across many investment markets. Investors chasing yield are driving down the opportunities for rates of return that have historically been achieved. If you believe we are close to a market top, this is an especially important question for you as you consider the cap rate to include in your valuation calculator. In real estate valuation, the yield opportunity is commonly reflected in the capitalization rate (or cap rate), which is a simplified valuation metric for assessing an investment opportunity. The cap rate is the initial yield on an opportunity – in a world of zero inflation and constant income and costs through time, it is equivalent to the discount rate you would […]

Using Data To Improve Your Commercial Real Estate Valuation

Entering into a commercial real estate investment is a significant long-term investment, and reaching a valuation you are comfortable with is a challenge. Real Estate is an emotional investment as well, for all but the most hard-nosed investor. You’ve probably asked yourself at some point whether you’ve allowed your emotions to get the better of the hard facts. Allocating a few hundred dollars to buying data is a great risk reduction strategy in this regard, and nowadays you can get great bang for the buck. There are many reasonably-priced sources of data available in the market today that can help keep you honest. At we’ve been scouring the landscape of data providers and building tools to help you find data quickly and easily. In this blog I break down the valuation challenge into actionable steps you can take with data. You can view all of these through the dmi […]

What’s new with

Our journey took an exciting turn last month when we joined the Boomtown Accelerator program. As part of the program we are working with mentors including some leading names in the professional services worlds (including the marketing and consulting industries). Based upon their advice plus our own experiences we are renewing our focus upon understanding the needs of our buyers. This already appears to be yielding returns, as we’ve started unearthing some pretty rich discoveries on buyer needs and patterns. With that in mind, if you’re in the marketing, consulting, and/or data science worlds and have a passion for getting better data to give you that edge, we’d love to hear from you to learn more about how we can help. Please feel free to browse our current listings as well, but please be aware that we have temporarily deprioritized building out our inventory as we develop a better understanding of what buyers value most and continue through […]

Five Interesting Lead Sources

If you’re working on finding new and improves sources of lead information, here are five interesting options to consider. If these don’t meet your needs, just type ‘leads’ into the search bar and see what additional options come up for you. Do you have interest in these segmentations? What other segmentations are you interested in? Let us know by commenting on the blog. CompanyOfficers Our friends at BCD have a great set of data available for company officer data globally – though they’re flexible on packaging that data to meet your specific need. Construction project leads Need to get in front of the key decision makers at the right stage in the construction project lifecycle? Try out this data set to help you identify the projects that fit your criteria and identify the people to talk to. Insurance clients This source has lead generation products covering premium, discount and […]

Video – getting up and running on

We held a webinar last week to provide an interactive demonstration of how to get set up on in three easy steps. If you didn’t have a chance to attend the webinar, you can access the recording below (scroll down further to see the timestamps of each section if you want to cut to a specific topic). By the way, those three easy steps are: 1) Sign up for a company account 2) Create your listing 3) Publish the listing That’s it! We had a healthy attendance for the webinar and some good questions. For your benefit, I’ve summarized the key things things that our audience wanted to know about: is designed with the needs of sellers of data in mind, as well as buyers. So we don’t get in the way of things that our sellers tell us are important such as product delivery, control over distribution, who […]

Why your data could be valuable in the coming election campaign

One interesting class of data buyers and sellers that we have engaged with on the journey has been participants in the political data world, who perform activities such as lobbying, political research, polling, political consulting, analysis and predictive modeling. With data now becoming a central part of any campaign strategy, I want to use this blog to share some of the learnings we have gained from the industry experts and leave you to think about whether your data has value to the campaigns. Despite all the hoopla around the 2012 election and the success of the Obama campaign in harnessing big data, there is a long way to go until this process reaches maturity. In particular, the data is often insufficiently granular at the voting district level. Keep that in mind as you read on, as you may be pleasantly surprised at the ability of your data offering to […]

Attracting Buyers

Many of our first sellers have asked us how we will attract buyers that they don’t presently reach. We’ve heard other similar questions: “Why should I spend my time entering my data products into your website? How will it benefit me?” To answer those and other similar questions, I’ll take you through an overview of our buyer acquisition strategy, which is based upon extensive market research with data buyers: We will continually assess and refine our listing model and user interface i.e., all the information you enter when you create a listing Why it’s important: Capturing lots of listing information is good! Buyers can search, categorize, and filter along more dimensions and therefore more precisely Buyers can compare multiple listings side by side when trying to decide what to purchase (feature coming soon) Sellers have less sales-support work as buyers self-educate The less information sellers must provide, however, the faster […]

Will you be a winner or a loser in the Information Age?

Length: 742 words; Time to read: 3 minutes “Twenty-five or 30 years ago, the thing that was differentiating companies was how well managed they are. But if you think about the companies that have just kicked butt in the past decade, they are deep-domain, technology-led, innovative companies—Google, Amazon, Apple. So I think this notion of, if the only common thread you have as an industrial company is the fact that you think you’re well managed, you can still be a pretty good company, but you’re not going to be a dominant company, a competitive company over time.”  Jeff Immelt, GE CEO Despite struggling with the pivots to mobile, cloud and search, Microsoft shares provided a decent return over the last ten years:   Certainly better than Blackberry, who lost their way: But of course the main games in town were being played out at Apple and Google: Jeff Immelt’s quote […]

How to get control of your data – a template for understanding data governance

Do you have control of your data? Really? How sure are you about that? As sure as the management teams of Target or JP Morgan before they were hacked, or the management of Lehman Brothers or Bear Stearns? These were all cases where failures in data management or policy played a part (sometimes a significant part) in the ultimate catastrophe. Naturally, the catastrophes get the big headlines, but poorly controlled data is costly to organizations in a more subtle way. Great data is one of the ingredients that takes your product, business decisions, productivity and security from good to great, and without it you will most likely be another average competitor in the market. Of course if you have other reasons your product stands out from the competition then you can overcome that shortfall, but otherwise you may be destined to a life of mediocrity. So if you step back […]

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